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For those on a community water supply, bacterial contamination of household water is not a concern.  This is due to strict regulation by the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality (TCEQ) regarding the safety of public water supplies.  These rules outline procedures for chemical disinfection, testing, and monitoring of chemical levels.  Typically, a public water supply will be treated with some form of chlorine, and must contain a specified amount of the chemical throughout the entire system.  While It’s comforting to know that your water is free from potentially harmful bacteria, chlorine can sometimes have a negative effect on the quality of your drinking water.

Most drinking water filters contain carbon, which is simply removing chlorine from the water.  Most refrigerators with an icemaker or water dispenser incorporate a carbon filter.  Reverse osmosis drinking water systems include carbon as a pre-treatment stage.  There are whole-house backwashing filters available to remove chlorine entirely.  There are valid arguments from both supporters and opponents of chlorine disinfection, but beware of scare tactics in some advertising.  Too often, I’ve witnessed the moment when homeowners realize they were taken advantage of by unscrupulous sales tactics, and intentionally inflammatory product literature.  Any time there is a new environmental or health related issue raised, you can bet someone will sell you a solution.  A sense of urgency, or an implication that your family’s health depends on this purchase, is a sure sign that you should get a second opinion.

For those on a private well, protection against the possibility of bacteria is sometimes necessary, especially if water is stored in a holding tank.  The industry standard has been to inject chlorine into the water using a chemical feed pump.  The use of chemicals, coupled with tedious maintenance and repair of these pumps, has caused many to seek an alternative.  Ultraviolet disinfection uses a special light bulb which kills bacteria, and can treat a whole house, or a specific faucet.  UV systems are available with monitors, alarms, and countdown timers to ensure continuous protection.  If you have any concerns about your water quality, contact a licensed water treatment professional with ProQuality Water Systems today!

ProQuality Water Systems is a full service water treatment company.  The owner, Randy Lawrence is one of only five Class III Certified Water Treatment Specialists in Hays County (LIC# WT0002693).  He has over 15 years of experience, and has been serving the Texas hill country, and surrounding areas for over a decade. 

For more information, call Randy at 512-618-1334 or 830-822-3533, or email to randy@ProQualityWater.com.
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